UM Rector Yonghua Song and Vice Rector Rui Martins had a meeting with João Nuno Calvão da Silva, vice rector of the University of Coimbra, to exchange views on promoting research, academic offerings, talent cultivation, and interdisciplinary cooperation, in the hope of fostering cooperation and exchanges between universities in Macao and Portugal. During the visit, the two parties held a book presentation and the two universities signed a cooperation agreement for their Joint Laboratory of Cognitive Aging and held a plaque unveiling ceremony, with the aim of strengthening teaching and research collaboration.

In addition, on behalf of their respective universities, Martins and João Nuno Calvão da Silva signed a cooperation agreement for the establishment of the joint laboratory and officiated at the plaque unveiling ceremony. According to the agreement, the two universities will leverage their academic strengths and research resources in the fields of cognitive aging and neurophysiology; for example, through integrating expertise, conducting collaborative research, and cultivating talent in related disciplines. Through this partnership, both universities hope to create a synergistic environment to promote knowledge exchange, interdisciplinary collaboration, and innovative research on cognitive aging, so as to foster the development of higher education and research in Portugal and Macao, and contribute to the academic community, society, and the advancement of scientific understanding in the relevant fields.

Those attending the event also included Xu Cheng-Zhong, interim director of UM’s Institute of Collaborative Innovation; Zhen Yuan, head of UM’s Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences; as well as representatives from the University of Coimbra.

The plaque unveiling ceremony.

Xu Cheng-Zhong, interim director of ICI, attended the ceremony.

(From right) Rui Martins, João Nuno Calvão da Silva