The research group at the University of Macau has achieved a series of significant advances in the field of behavioral addiction and decision making

Prof. Zhen Yuan’s group with the Center for Cognitive and Brain Sciences/Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Macau, has achieve [...]


UM makes new progress in intelligent diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease

A team led by Yuan Zhen, professor at the Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences (CCBS) of the University of Macau (UM), has made new prog [...]


CCBS visited official departments to discuss cognitive aging in Macau

澳門大學認知與腦科學研究中心(CCBS)分別於9月15日、9月22日與衛生局和社會工作局就本澳認知老化、失智症的社區队列研究、智慧預警及精準干預議題展開討論。 9月15日,澳大與衛生局及仁伯爵綜合醫院相關部門科室醫生展開會晤。戴華浩醫務主任、陳嘉明神經外科主任、郭偉德精神科代主 [...]


Multiple cognitive and brain science studies at UM published by international journals

The University of Macau (UM) Centre for Cognitive and Brain Sciences (CCBS) has made significant breakthroughs in a number of studies in co [...]


University of Macau Made a Breakthrough in the Cutting-edge Research of Language Connectome across Different Species

Professor Zhen Yuan’s neuroimaging lab at the Centre for Cognition and Brain Science (CCBS)/Faculty of Health Sciences with the University [...]