This Salon is organized by CCBS researchers students with like minds and supported by CCBS office, aiming at enhancing the networking of CCBS academia with respects to cognitive and neuroscientific studies. Please refer to the poster for more details.

Importantly, we are cordially calling for presenters for future Salons. The format will be mini-talks for 20-30 minutes followed by Q&As, and the content covers but is not limited to neuro-cognition-related ongoing projects, recent publication, state-of-the-art methodology, and journal articles. The salon usually takes place every two weeks, and it is flexible depending on the presenters’ timetable.

Should you have any inquiry or suggestions about the Salon, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Gao Fei (


NeuroTalk Salon 2022

With the participation and support from students, researchers and professors, a total of fourteen Neurotalk Salons were held in 2021. Big thanks to salon initiator and organiser Mr. Fei Gao, and all the presenters and moderators who contributed to the success of Neurotalk.

Stayed tuned and subscribed us on wechat “neurotalk” for more to come in 2022!

14th Salon by Mengxiao Wang, the final one in 2021.

13th Salon

12th Salon

11th Salon

10th Salon

9th Salon was held on 3rd September. 

8th Salon was held on 19th August online by Dr. Xiaochen Zhang of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

7th Salon was held online on 5th August, with Dr. Mengyun Wang as the presenter.

6th Salon by Dr. Chenggang Wu.

We were so delighted to have Professor Nevia Dolcini to share her research on the capacity for mental imagery.

Thank you Dr. Paulo and Ms. Tina for a fruitful sharing session.

To kick start the salon in June, we are pleased to have Dr. Wang to introduce the multi-modal brain imaging analysis and computing platform construction over zoom. 

Mr. Gao Fei and Mr. Ruien Wang shared their research in the 2nd NeuroTalk Salon 27th May, with Ms. Tina Song as the moderator. 

1st NeuroTalk Salon was successfully held on 10th May, with Mr. Yuwen He and Ms. Christy Li as the presenters. Around 15 students and staff participated in the session.