To deepen students’ understanding of addictive behaviors, Prof. Cheng Teng Ip, assistant professor at the Centre for Cognitive and Brain Science of the University of Macau and instructor of the “Behavioral Addiction” course, collaborated with a community-based alcohol and drug rehabilitation center called “Christian New Life Fellowship-We Point” in Macau. She arranged a visit for students on Tuesday morning, March 12, 2024. Both parties conducted an exchange and learning seminar, during which the center’s staff provided detailed introductions about the center and its target beneficiaries. They also shared practical interventions for alcohol abuse cases, helping students gain a deeper understanding of addictive behaviors.

During the visit, the center’s staff invited one of their beneficiaries to share his experiences firsthand, and provided ample time for free-flowing discussions with students, creating a harmonious atmosphere.

The successful event enhanced students’ understanding of the “Behavioral Addiction” course. Through the extensive sharing of experiences by staff and beneficiaries firsthand, students gained a more concrete understanding of behavioral addiction, which helped them in further exploring this area.

Both parties exchanged commemorative gifts

Group photo

The center’s staff introduced the center and its current target beneficiaries

The center’s staff shared practical interventions for alcohol abuse cases

The students actively raised questions and engaged in interactive discussions