The Institute of Collaborative Innovation Summer Camp for Outstanding Students now open for application

為促進與國內外科研人才多元化之交流,現邀請大家參加 “澳門大學協同創新研究院優秀大學生暑期研習營” !

澳門大學協同創新研究院目前設有五個研究中心,2024/2025學年有2個碩士課程在全球範圍內招生。活動將由認知神經科學及數據科學領域教授帶領,內容包括參觀研究中心、師生座談、暢遊澳大校園、新舊生交流等,讓同學們親身感受澳大國際化環境及英語學習文化 !

暑期研習營日期: 2024年7月8日— 10日 (3天)


To promote diverse exchanges with domestic and international research talents, we now invite everyone to participate in the “The Institute of Collaborative Innovation Summer Camp for Outstanding University Students”!

The Institute of Collaborative Innovation at the University of Macau currently has five centres. In the 2024/2025 academic year, there are 2 master’s programmes open for enrollment globally. The activities will be led by professors in cognitive neuroscience and data science relevant fields and will include visits to several research centers, discussions between students and faculty, campus tours, and interactions between new and current students. This will allow students to experience firsthand the international environment and English learning culture at the University of Macau!

Summer Camp Date: July 8, 2024, to July 10, 2024 (3 Days)
Language : English/ Chinese

*The Institute of Collaborative Innovation of the University of Macau reserves the right to make the final decision and interpretation.

• 有意報讀2025/2026學年澳門大學協同創新研究院碩士課程之學生 
• 有興趣就讀認知神經科學及數據科學相關專業;
• 學業成績平均 75分以上、或班級排名列前30%、或者GPA ≥ 3(4分制)

報名截止:2024年 5 月 15日 (獲選及補選學生將在5月31日或之前收到通知)

• Students who are interested in enrolling in the 2025/2026 master’s programmes of the Institute of Collaborative Innovation of the University of Macau (Students from internationally renowned universities and “Double First-Class” universities will be prioritized);
• Interested in studying majors such as cognitive neuroscience and data science.
• Academic average score of 75 or above, or ranking in the top 30% of the class, or GPA ≥ 3 (on a 4-point scale);

Scan the QR code on poster and fill out the enrollment form​​​​​​​
Application Deadline: May 15, 2024 (Selected students will be notified by the end of May or earlier)

日期 Date 上午 Monring Session 下午 Afternoon Session
7 月 8 日(星期一)
8th July (Monday)
Arrival at the University of Macau /
Accommodation registration / Free activities
7 月 9 日(星期二)
9th July (Tuesday)
Opening activities and campus tour
Centres arranges study-related activities
7 月 10 日(星期三)
10th July (Wednesday)
Centres arranges study-related activities
Check-out from accommodation

免費項目 (由澳門大學提供):
•  夏令營期間入住澳門大學宿舍之住宿費
•  7月9日及10日的午餐

• 進出澳門的有效旅遊證件、簽證費用*及其他相關費用 (詳情請參閱澳門入境處的入境須知),目前入境澳門,無須出示任何新冠病毒檢測證明
• 往返澳門的交通安排及其相關費用
• 自由活動時的所有費用
• 外遊保險費用*

*為保障學額,入選學生須於指定時間內上傳 1.有效赴澳門簽證簽證申請回執並提供 2.赴澳旅遊保險相關憑證,以示確認參加研習營,否則被視為放棄,有關的學額空缺或會撥作補選。

Free items (provided by the University of Macau):
•  Accommodation fees for staying in the University of Macau dormitory during the summer camp
•  Lunch on July 9th and 10th

Self-funded items:
•  Costs related to valid travel documents, visa fees*, and other relevant expenses for entering and leaving Macau (For details, please refer to the requirements of the Macao Immigration Department, currently, no COVID-19 test certificates are required for entering Macau.)
•  Transportation arrangements to and from Macau and associated expenses.
•  All personal expenses during free activities
•  Travel insurance*

*To ensure enrollment, selected students must upload 1. valid Macau visas or receipt for visa application and provide 2. proof of travel insurance to confirm their participation. Otherwise, it will be considered as giving up, and the vacant quota may be allocated for supplementary selection.